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Our Story

Kim Kallfelz our founder and CEO started HOA Management in 1999. Her catalyst was self-managing her own community for 10 years.  Now over 20 years later we manage over 40 communities with 5 licensees in our office.   Our success has always been measured by the satisfaction of our clients.  The business model we employ consistently produces those successful results.  Our business model is built around simple achievable fundamentals.

  1. Timely clear communication.  When the phone rings we answer.  When someone e-mails, we respond.  We use a substantial portion of our time and energy making sure issues and concerns are dealt with effectively and quickly.  Moreover, we provide long term solutions to those issues and concerns.
  2. Compliance with the rules.  The laws of the State of Nevada provide every common interest community the opportunity for financial health and harmony.   As your licensee it is our job to keep your community in compliance.
  3. Providing professional service.  Every member of the community is a respected client and will be treated as such.  We do not foster adversarial relationships.  We cultivate helpful positive relationships with our members centered on courtesy and respect.

The umbrella that all our work stays under is the simple concept that the homeowner’s association exists to protect and increase the value of your home.  All actions taken by a common interest community and a management company must always serve that singular task of increasing the value of your investment

Meet The Team

At HOA Management, one of our biggest assets is the team of professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep your neighborhood thriving. Meet our leaders!
Kim Kallfelz
Lonnie Kallfelz
Director of sales & Marketing / Community Manager
Laurie Thompson
Accounting Manager / Community Manager
Michelle Grey
Operations Manager
Ron Gliddon

We're proud of our team and always looking for more people with a similar passion & experience. If that's you, email us at Info@lasvegashoa.com


We provide comprehensive HOA management services designed to protect and enhance your investment in your neighborhood. Our team-based approach is what makes the difference! These are some of the services we provide as part of the full management package:

Administrative Services

  • Maintain current owner files and owner roster
  • Complete property inspections and reports
  • Violation enforcement
  • Architectural control review and processing
  • Maintain association documents and records
  • Provide 24-hour emergency answering service
  • Complete escrow documents and questionnaires
  • Hold elections and meetings
  • Attendance at Board and Annual meetings
  • Preparation and proper distribution of all meeting notices
  • Advise Board on legal, maintenance, and parliamentary matters of importance
  • Preparation and distribution of meeting documents, including agendas, management reports and election materials.

Community Services

  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the HOA
  • Supervise independent contractors and/or employees of the Association
  • Solicit bids for repairs, maintenance services and large projects; prepare bid summary for Board

Financial Services                                                   

  • Full financial / accounting services
  • Collect all monthly and special assessments.
  • Compile monthly financial summaries
  • Preparation of annual budgets
  • Account payable and receivable processing
  • Coordinate annual review / audit of financials
  • Facilitate annual income tax preparation
  • Investments and banking
  • Delinquency management

Why Our Clients Love Our Management!

  • Many, many thanks to Michelle Howard for helping us and not giving up and following up on our issue. Outstanding customer service.
  • I called HOA Management to inquire about HOA services for our small community. They did not have the capacity to take on our account but Lonnie went out of his way to call me back and give me several good resources that aided me in my search for a company that would meet our needs. He didn't have to do that and I really appreciated his help. Class A guy and reflects well on this organization!
  • I owned my home for 6 years in the Turning Point community of Painted Desert and recently sold it. While living there, whenever I had an issue Michelle, the projects manager was always the girl I contacted. She was responsive, helpful and friendly. I never felt as if my issue/problem was a bother to her. She helped me on a few occasions when I was wrongfully sent "notices' and when I had a couple of issues with my upstairs neighbor. Her quick responses to my emails were much appreciated and the resolving of problems was a big help. I was very pleased with the service I received from this company, mostly from Michelle H.
  • The owners and the staff are always very kind and professional whenever I call. When I had a question about changing something in my yard and the proper channels to go through to get it done, I was told the department head was busy and would call me back. Usually when I get told that I don't hear from anyone for days. I was pleasantly surprised that within 30 mins I received a call from the manager who walked me through the process and made it very easy.
  • We were almost ready to give up looking for management companies because it’s been one nightmare after another. So glad we gave them a shot. Looks like those with bad reviews don't like to maintain their property or pay their dues. HOA is a breath of fresh air.
  • I am writing this to recommend the services of the HOA at are complex. The attention given to my concerns was a surprise to me. Even though they handle other properties it's nice to know one homeowner’s problem is just as important as a whole complex. They took the time to discuss my concerns and respond to all my questions. I feel very confident in recommending the services of Kim Kallfelz HOA management.
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